Our Certifications

Fully-Trained on Leading Tech Platforms

The team at Found Search Marketing is fully trained in the industry’s leading platforms, programs, tools, and we take the time to get re-certified each year to stay at the top of our game.

Get Data-Driven Results from a Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner

FoundSM is a data-driven digital marketing agency that is certified as a Google Marketing Platform Partner. Our team of data and analytics consultants are certified in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio. Our team is ready to help your marketing team to get the most out of the data you are collecting.

Our Certifications

FoundSM is proud to be certified by some of the top marketing technology companies in the industry.

Our team is constantly working to learn and improve in these tools so that our clients will get the results they want.

Digital Analytics Association

FoundSM is proud to be a corporate member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA). This membership allows us to be a part of an international network and forum of analytics professionals with access to an expanding organization of chapters, strategic partners, and international members. This is a great source of professional development and each member of the Found Search Marketing team takes advantage of the resources and forums provided.

Our Tech Stack

The FoundSM team makes it a priority to stay up-to-date with cutting-edge tools and trends in the industry, allowing us to continuously coach and lead our clients to success in digital marketing.

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